1035 The Queensway East, Unit 1 - 4
Mississauga, Onario L4Y 4C1
Phone: (905) 566-5624
Facsimile: (905) 566-5639



We are committed to environmental stewards in all aspects of our operation and as such, have taken the following measures to strive towards a more sustainable business:


* Facility Recycling Program


* Routine energy and water use monitoring with corrective measures to reduce use (20% reductions in electrical consumption have been achieved to date)


* Preventative maintenance on all equipment to ensure they operate at optimal level


* Education and awareness to our customers on Organic product options which have less impact on the environment


* Hybrid Vehicle(s)


* Delivery routes coordinated to identify the most fuel efficient options


* Team training and education on environmental awareness


* Regular monitoring of our environmental commitments to address new opportunities in becoming more sustainable